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Well hello and goodbye April you crazy, crazy month! In a month where we began celebrating the start of British Springtime with this delicious lemon cake 🍋🍋🍋, you gave us hail, rain and snow. So, instead of picnic-ing in the park with glasses of prosecco, we were wrapped up at Bakes HQ with a good old cuppa! So, let's shake off that awful weather with this DELICIOUS lemon & poppyseed cake with toasted coconut chips. Lemon and poppyseed is a personal favourite flavour combo, the fresh, lightness of the lemon and nutty-ness of the poppyseed compliment each other so well, finished off by the crunch of toasted organic coconut chips, this cake is a absolute classic and hopefully one you will make over and over again. It's as perfect for an afternoon tea treat as it is for a delicious celebration cake - let us know how you put your twist on it! You will notice this month we have included a little treat for you - some Yorkshire Tea. We are proud to be based in Yorkshire and are devout Yorkshire Tea drinkers... it keeps us going all day here at Bakes HQ, and in our opinion, it is the perfect accompaniment to a piece of cake! So when you have finished baking your cake and taking your Instagram worthy pictures, have an 'aaaah' moment on us, when you sit down with a big wedge of cake and lovely Yorkshire brew ☕️ We are working with some really exciting tea makers on future boxes now so get ready to try some delicious, cake-worthy teas! x [caption id="attachment_609" align="alignnone" width="1280"]Lemon & poppyseed cake Lemon & poppyseed cake[/caption] INGREDIENTS: SEE BOX INSERT HEAT OVEN TO 180C/160C FAN/ GAS 4. GREASE AND LINE 2 MEDIUM SIZED ROUND CAKE TINS. IN A BOWL, BEAT THE BUTTER AND SUGAR UNTIL FLUFFY, ADD THE EGGS AND BEAT WELL. ADD IN THE FLOUR, LEMON JUICE, ZEST AND FLOUR AND BEAT UNTIL COMBINED. DIVIDE BETWEEN THE TWO TINS AND BAKE FOR 20 - 25 MINUTES UNTIL GOLDEN AND BAKED THROUGH. WHILE YOUR CAKE IS IN THE OVEN, YOU CAN MAKE THIS SUPER EASY, DELICIOUS LEMON CURD READY TO FILL IT. PUT THE LEMON ZEST AND JUICE IN A HEAT PROOF BOWL, ADD THE SUGAR AND BUTTER AND SIT IT OVER A PAN OF GENTLY SIMMERING WATER - MAKING SURE THE WATER ISN’T TOUCHING THE BOTTOM OF THE BOWL. STIR EVERY NOW AND AGAIN UNTIL THE BUTTER HAS COMPLETELY MELTED. [caption id="attachment_607" align="alignnone" width="1280"]Lemon & poppyseed cake Lemon & poppyseed cake[/caption] LIGHTLY WHISK THE EGGS AND EGG YOLK AND STIR THEM INTO THE LEMON MIXTURE, WHISK UNTIL ALL OF THE INGREDIENTS ARE WELL COMBINED, THEN LEAVE TO COOK FOR 10 MINUTES, STIRRING EVERY NOW AND THEN UNTIL THE MIXTURE IS THICK ENOUGH TO COAT THE BACK OF A SPOON. REMOVE THE BOWL FROM THE HEAT AND SET ASIDE TO COOL, STIRRING OCCASIONALLY AS IT COOLS. ONCE THE CAKE IS BAKED, TAKE IT OUT OF THE OVEN AND TURN ON THE GRILL, SPREAD YOUR COCONUT CHIPS OUT ON A FLAT BAKING TRAY AND POP UNDER THE GRILL FOR 20 SECONDS - KEEP AN EYE ON THESE AS THEY WILL GO TOASTY IN NO TIME! YOU ARE LOOKING FOR THEM TO GO A LOVELY GOLDEN BROWN COLOUR WITH A DELICIOUS AROMA AS THE OILS START TO HEAT UP! TO MAKE YOUR FROSTING, PUT YOUR CREAM CHEESE, SOFTENED BUTTER AND ICING SUGAR IN A LARGE BOWL AND USE YOUR ELECTRIC MIXER TO BEAT UNTIL YOU HAVE A THICK, SMOOTH CONSISTENCY. [caption id="attachment_608" align="alignnone" width="1280"]Lemon & poppyseed cake Lemon & poppyseed cake[/caption] NOW TO FILL YOUR CAKE! ONCE FULLY COOLED, CUT EACH CAKE IN HALF TO CREATE TWO LAYERS. PLACE YOUR FIRST LAYER ON A PLATE OR CAKE STAND AND SPREAD HALF OF YOUR LEMON CURD ON TOP, ADD THE SECOND LAYER AND SPREAD SOME OF YOUR FROSTING ON TOP, ADD THE THIRD LAYER AND USE THE REST OF YOUR LEMON CURD TO COVER. PLACE YOUR FOURTH AND FINAL LAYER OF CAKE ON TOP AND USE THE REST OF THE FROSTING TO COVER AS DESIRED. SPRINKLE YOUR TOASTED COCONUT ONTOP TO ADD A LOVELY CRUNCHY TEXTURE AND DECORATION. [caption id="attachment_610" align="alignnone" width="1280"]Lemon & poppyseed cake Lemon & poppyseed cake[/caption] POUR YOURSELF A WELL DESERVED CUPPA, CUT A WEDGE AND ENJOY! [caption id="attachment_605" align="alignnone" width="931"]Lemon & poppyseed cake Lemon & poppyseed cake[/caption]

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