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Hi guys! So it's that time of month again when your box of happiness drops through the letter box and you know you have a tasty cake just moments away :) This month we have teamed up with the wonderful Miss Cake to bring you something a little special to finish off a signature birthday cake. This recipe is a great one for rolling out for birthdays and celebrations and can be dressed up as much as you wish. Add fruit, flowers, your favourite sweets.... the more the merrier! There are a couple of teeny weeny points of note on this months box: 1) due to a slightly sticky incident, we decided sending the jam wasn't the best idea! Therefore, you should just add your favourite jam - raspberry/ strawberry/ cherry/ lemon curd. We popped in a piping bag instead (much more fun!) 2) The pink food colouring powder is REALLY STRONG!! If you aren't used to using pigment, please add a tiny bit at a time. Use the back of a teaspoon handle to get a very small amount - you can always add more. You should have plenty left for when you choose to make the cake again. IMG_7325   1.HEAT YOUR OVEN TO 180/160C GAS 6 & LINE THE BASE OF 2 15CM ROUND BAKING TINS WITH BAKING PARCHMENT 2.BEAT TOGETHER 150G OF SOFTENED BUTTER AND YOUR CASTER SUGAR UNTIL LIGHT AND FLUFFY. ADD YOUR EGGS AND CONTINUE TO MIX IN UNTIL FULLY COMBINED. ADD IN YOUR SELF RAISING FLOUR AND BEAT UNTIL COMPLETELY MIXED IN. [gallery columns="2" size="medium" ids="198,199,200,201,203,204"]   3.DIVIDE MIXTURE BETWEEN THE TINS AND LEVEL THE MIXTURE OFF WITH THE BACK OF A WET SPOON. PLACE THE TINS IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR HEATED OVEN AND BAKE FOR 15 - 20 MINUTES, REMOVE ONCE THEY ARE GOLDEN BROWN AND BOUNCE BACK WHEN YOU TOUCH IT.   [gallery columns="2" size="medium" ids="205,206"]   4.TO MAKE YOUR FROSTING, PLACE 100G SOFTENED BUTTER AND 50G CREAM CHEESE INTO A BOWL ALONG WITH YOUR ICING SUGAR AND CUSTARD POWDER. BEAT WITH AN ELECTRIC WHISK UNTIL SMOOTH AND GLOSSY. [gallery size="medium" ids="207,208,209"] 5.WHEN YOUR CAKES ARE COMPLETELY COOLED, PLACE ONE ON A LARGE PLATE AND SPREAD A GENEROUS AMOUNT OF FROSTING ACROSS IT, TOP WITH THE RASPBERRY JAM AND SPREAD TO COVER EVENLY. IMG_7392 6.MIX YOUR PINK FOOD COLOUR INTO THE REST OF YOUR FROSTING , PLACING THE SECOND CAKE ONTOP OF THE FIRST SPOON THE FROSTING ONTO THE TOP OF THE CAKE AND USING A SPOON OR KNIFE, SMOOTH ACROSS THE TOP AND SIDES.   [gallery columns="2" size="medium" ids="211,212,213,214"] 7.DECORATE WITH THE SPRINKLES AND MISS CAKE TOPPER, ADMIRE AND ENJOY! IMG_7805 IMG_7813 IMG_7815

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