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National Chocolate Pudding Day

The 26th of June is National Chocolate Pudding Day! Originally, chocolate pudding was made with a thick chocolate custard rather then eggs, and also included milk, sugar, chocolate and flour. Now days however, chocolate puddings come in all shapes and sizes with the most popular being the melt in the middle chocolate fondant. The one below has a molten filling of chocolate and peanut butter! Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 09.19.25 Credit - Here are some chocolaty facts you may not know about the sweet stuff:
  1. The smell of chocolate is thought to increase theta brain waves which trigger relaxation.
  2. In the original Willy Wonka film, a chocolate river was made with 15,000 gallon of water mixed with chocolate and cream. The cream meant the river went off quite quickly leaving an awful smell.
  3. It is estimated that the average Brit eats 11kg of chocolate a year.
  4. When Thornton’s turned 100, the company celebrated by creating the world’s largest chocolate bar weighing 5,792.50kg.
  5. The chocolate chip cookie was made as an accident. A lady ran out of cocoa powder and so mixed in chopped chocolate thinking it would have the same effect. Instead, the chocolate chip cookie was born.
  6. Every year, the amount of Toblerones sold is so great that if they were lined up they would go all the way around the Earth’s circumference.
  7. A single cocoa tree produces about 50 pods, twice a year. This means between 400-800 bars of chocolate can be made from the produce of each tree during the year.
  8. 66,000 crème eggs are made every hour.
  9. The largest chocolate sculpture was created in Melbourne, Australia. It was a 10-foot-high Easter egg.
  10. Eating dark chocolate in moderation can be beneficial to your health as its full of antioxidants.
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