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National Donut Day

So the first Friday in June is National Donut Day! Here at BAKES HQ we celebrated National Donut Day with a big box of pink donuts covered in sprinkles, we're now all experiencing a bit of a sugar rush. Donuts have been around for donkey’s years and they use to be fed to soldiers in WW1 to cheer them up and remind them of home. Recently, they have made a come back and are one of the on trend foods of the moment. The flavours are getting stranger along with the new combinations…have you heard of the Cronut? The croissant donut! Did you know that in the US, 10 people have the last name ‘Donut’ and 13 people have it as their first name? Anyone fancy a name change? Seen as its National Donut Day, we couldn’t resist having a look around the web to find our favourite donut designs. Feeling fruity? We love the look of these Blood Orange Donuts. blood-orange-donuts-4 Credit - These pineapple donuts look simple to make but really effective. Picture1 Credit - Wow at these watermelon creations! Picture2 Credit - How fun are these donuts? They would be great stood up on top of a cake. Picture3 Credit - These are making us hungry…Ricotta Donuts topped with Whipped Cream, Cherry Jam and Blueberries.  The perfect desert? Picture4 Credit - Adding a little sparkle into our post with these Gold Leaf Donuts. Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 14.17.29 Credit - If you don’t have a sweet tooth no worries. These grilled donuts could be for you filled with bacon and cheese. A weekend breakfast treat? Picture6 Credit - Taking it to the extreme with a cake piled high with mini donuts, a great idea for a birthday party cake. Picture7 Credit - Then there’s taking it to a whole new level. This is a milkshake piled high with donuts, also known as a FREAK SHAKE. These are a massive craze at the moment which you can find all over the UK. Picture8 Credit - Last but certainly not least, the traditional jam donut. This is my all time favourite which nothing beats. Picture9 Credit - We hope we haven’t made you too hungry! Have you ever baked donuts before? Share your creations with us below. Happy National Donut Day and have a lovely weekend! Love the Bakes team x

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