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The Great British Bakes Off!

Last Friday I was invited along to a charity event in aid of  Wakefield Hospice, a delicious Afternoon Tea with special guest and GBBO winner Nadiya Hussain. As guest of the host (I know, get me!) I arrived with her early to go through some of the questions with Nadiya, so got a chance to have a chat before she was bombarded. I was delighted to hear that she had heard of Bakes and (never being one to miss an opportunity) gave her a box to take home and try! Afternoon Tea GBBO Nadiya Hussain She was absolutely delightful and really open and honest, she spoke about the highs of the Bake Off process and the success following it, including Paul & Mary, writing her new book and her kids enjoying her fame, and the lows of being trolled on social media and by the press - i'm looking at you, Katie H*pkins 😡. Nadiya was well known in Bake Off for her facial expressions. [gallery columns="4" ids="498,499,500"] To our delight, she also talked about the nations obsession with her husband Abdul (swoon) and how he was getting regularly propositioned by people (mainly men) on social media - much to her amusement! She also admitted that her youngest child often says he wishes Tamal had won so that Mummy wasn't always working... very cute. The nation's love affair with Nadiya was cemented with her winning speech which was read again on the afternoon to a similarly emotional reaction. She spoke about the confidence Bake Off has given her and that her old school has this permanently projected onto a huge wall. It's a brilliant speech and a sentiment I believe we could all learn from: Nadiya Hussain winning speech It was a lovely afternoon raising money for a really important cause and with over 300 tickets selling out in just a couple of days, Nadiya was certainly the toast of the afternoon. Nads, if we didn't love you before, we certainly do now! Nadiya's book is available to pre- order on Amazon now >>> get it here 💗 Amanda x Thank you to Claire Young of School Speakers for the invitation and hosting the event.

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